Renewable Energy

Solar Energy Solutions

We are accredited RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) and MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) solar installers, meaning you have peace of mind that your installation is in safe hands.

We offer onsite and home assessments, specification and bespoke design, installation and maintenance.

Commercial business benefits:

  • Demonstrate investment in green energy.
  • Maximise efficiency
  • Control own running costs, energy needs and storage.

Homeowners benefits:

  • Reduced bills.
  • Degree of independence from National Grid.
  • Manage own energy storage and use.
  • Futureproof your home.

Energy Storage Solutions

Cut costs, control your own energy and maximise your efficiency.

Solar panels enable users to utilise green energy generated during the daytime. By Installing energy storage batteries, you can gain further independence to save your energy, and reduce energy bills overnight or during periods of high energy needs. We offer a range of battery options and sizes dependent on your needs

Green Heating

Experienced and qualified installers of electric underfloor heating for business and domestic customers, typically used in kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and heat sensitive areas for industry.

Electric underfloor heating is highly efficient form of heating and temperature control, stopping heat being lost in the air, so improving air quality and increased sensitivity of controllable heating.